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What you lack is reality...

But I will give it to you...

8/24/07 12:45 am - Well...

Let's see how year 23 treats me, eh?

7/28/07 05:58 pm - Semi update thing

For the most part life has been relatively good lately if not on the dull side at times. Leon and I are still together and our relationship is going strong. I recently started working again (about time) at Blockbuster. While it's certainly not an outstanding position, the manager at least met the pay I was making as a supervisor at CVS. For the most part I find the job enjoyable and it'll serve as a nice stepping stone on the path to becoming financially sound. Hopefully after I've racked up some time there I can look for a full time/better paying job elsewhere. I've also decided to try and get back into school by no later than next summer. I've wasted a few too many years on things I really shouldn't have, but I feel good and ready now. I'm getting out of debt and working towards my future at long last.

Speaking of wasted time... I've recently hit a road block when it comes to World of Warcraft. I've enjoyed the game for some time, but now that one of my friends who served as a key figure in the game to me has decided to quit... I don't know if I do any more. All MMORPGs are a time sink to some degree and I don't know if I feel comfortable investing any more of my free time into WoW now. Keith has left, my guild has gone through a merger and is in utter shambles as far as I'm concerned. My friend Tommy is still going strong but I have doubts about how long that will last. Beyond Tommy... all that I have left are Kai and Tom, and their involvement in the game world has been dubious at best due to changes in their own lives. Perhaps it's time I said my farewells to Azeroth for a while... if not indefinitely.

4/12/07 12:17 pm - Dear Japan,

Please stop making shitty music. I know this may be hard for you given your little brother complex in regards to western culture, but some of the bands you're attempting to emulate suck here too. Knock it the fuck off and resume amusing me.

Your not so a happy fan boy,


4/9/07 11:43 am - Been a while since I've posted...

I don't post often... simply because I really haven't had much in my life worth writing about. I made entries revolving around the arrival of Leon but since then not much has come up that's worth making a real entry over. I'm making one today though because despite my lack of posting; I read my friend's page very often. I may not comment much or don't know what to say but I do keep tabs on people through it. One of my oldest and closest friends is suffering right now after having news delivered to her that one of her best friends was killed in a car accident. She was T-Boned while going through an intersection by a drunk driver who ran their red light. I am not here to ask for people's sympathy, I'm here to make a statement/request. While she mourns I can't help but be completely enraged over this issue and feel the need to vent it somewhere.

If any of you reading this are the type that enjoys driving while completely smashed... take me off your friend's list immediately. You don't have to say a word to me about it, but do it. Your private locked entries aren't worth my time. I could honestly care less about the mental anguish or sexual tension you disgusting pieces of human trash experience. If life is such a joke to you that you'd willingly endanger others for the sake of your own amusement, disappear. I have ZERO tolerance for this type of bullshit and have NO intention of associating myself with those who enjoy it.

To those who aren't of this nature... I'm sorry you had to see this on your friends page. If anyone feels wronged by this entry or hurt for whatever reason... get over it. Chances are that if you take offense to this then you're either one of the fuckers I want gone or you support those that do it. If it's not painfully obvious I want you to be offended and I want you out.

1/1/07 12:37 am - I'm late... but...

Happy New Year everyone!

12/24/06 08:25 pm - Oooo!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. I hope your holiday is filled with warmth, family and loved ones.

12/17/06 02:16 am - .....


Give it to me... NOW. ::shoves himself in a freezer for a month::


If you hate WoW or have anything negative to say about it, I applaud you on having an opinion. Sadly for you... I don't share it, nor am I the type to give a damn about it. Keep it to yourself or shove off. Kthx. ^_^

9/21/06 06:17 pm - On Game Stop and EB.

Have you encountered a situation where they didn't want sell you your preorder copy of a game? Apparently Okami had a very small initial shipment to most of the stores around here and the local boys at Game Stop like... listed off every game they could possibly imagine that we could have preordered save one. When Leon and I both said Okami one clerk sighed and muttered "you guys are killin' me..."

It took the two clerks 5 minutes of staring at each other and sifting through the reserve drawer before they finaly gave up and handed us the last copy of the game they had at the store. I suspect one of them wanted to take it home. Oh well, they push preorders off on the rest of the world and penalize us when we don't do it. I can't help but not have a shred of sympathy for them when situation arises when their own preorder bull shit bites them in the ass.

9/4/06 04:53 am - Xenosaga... oh how I loved it so...

"I’m to repent, am I? I think not. As my duty as an immortal, I’ve prepared a brand new world view for mankind. When I temporarily linked with U-DO, I climbed the ladder of evolution and saw the leaning tower of culture that humans have struggled to construct. It’s not even a tower, really. It’s a scaffold of rotting wood, built with meager knowledge and pitiful tools! But a nice guy would tell them the truth, would he not? Hello! You’ve got it all wrong!" ~ Albedo

He will now and forever be one of my most favorite characters... ever.

5/26/06 03:24 pm - X3

Well... as a stand alone movie it was... pretty awesome. As far as fans of the comics go... god what a travesty. I never really followed the comics enough to consider myself a hard core fan, but I know enough to say what was done with this movie was just... a complete slap to the face of each and every fan out there. I left the theater depressed, and not just because of the gloomy atmosphere set by the movie's plot... oy...
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