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This holiday used to hold a lot of warmth and happiness for me, but then I guess everything did when I was younger. Regardless... Christmas time for me is like taking a trip to a graveyard. I can fondly read the names of all my pleasant childhood memories on the tombstones but in the end that's all they are. Cold, dead memories of when things were better. The only thing I'm walking away with this year that I can say I'm truly blessed for having is my job with QuikTrip. Everything else has either been lost, marred by years of bad blood or diminished due to personal short comings. Yet still I move on, hoping that I can one day obtain the things I want most in life. Anyhow... enough rambling and self pity for one entry. I wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and to those who have the warmth of loved ones and family... cherish it. Don't ever take any of that for granted no matter how dull or routine it might seem to you. Be safe everyone...
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