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It seems I'm about 8 days late in regards to finding out...

I doubt many people on my friends list will know who I'm talking about were I mention the name Ezra Chatterton.. the easiest way for me to explain it would be to post a snippet from WoWInsider.

You may remember the story of Ezra Chatterton. He and his father played together in Azeroth, using the World of Warcraft to spend quality time with one another. Ezra had a brain tumor. Thanks to help from the Make-A-Wish foundation and Blizzard, Ezra was able to live out some of his dream of being a game developer. You can see his influence in the Merciless Gladiator's Crossbow of the Phoenix, which is finely crafted to ePhoenix's specification. Ezra was the rider for the first phoenix mount in game. But, only a few months ago, we heard the frightening news that Ezra had suffered a stroke.

Reader Sedna directed us to Ezra's web site for the saddening news. Ezra passed away on Monday, October 20th, at 10PM pacific time. We at WoW Insider would like to offer our sympathies to Ezra's family. Both they and Ezra are in our thoughts. His story was an inspiring one, and we will not forget ePhoenix.

I'm sure some may wonder why I'm bothering with posting about this in my own journal when I didn't even know the boy. Well... cancer has become a very relevant part of my life recently... mostly through my father. The effects of the disease are terrible and I feel for anyone who either suffers from it directly or through a loved one. I've had nothing but the highest hopes for this young man, and it honestly breaks my heart that the inevitable so soon came to pass. My thoughts are with his family and I can only hope that they know there are those of us who followed Ezra's story ever since Blizzard first made us aware of it all. As for Ezra... may the eternal sun guide you.
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