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RIP Heath...

and to the fucker at work who thought dropping a comment along the lines of "I guess that's what you get when you fuck a guy on the big screen"... die a horrible death.
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Westboro Baptist Church is already planning a picket.
....he was *straight*! He married the chick that played his wife in the movie!


And even if he WAS gay, who the fuck cares? He was an awesome actor and an insane hotty and I nearly cried when I found out. ;.;

And to the picketing...
This is why I don't claim Baptism anymore. Too many fuckers out there giving Jesus a bad name.

*hugs her Jesus plushie and wanders off to weep*

....I totally want a Jesus plushie now.
Would that be sacrilege?
I... don't know honestly. Maybe not if they weren't sold for money. I don't think Jesus would mind too much if you gave a plushie version of him a hug during times of need or something. =P
o.o wow, depressing.